As a non-profit organization, the mission of KAGES is to foster the following for Korean or Korean-American students, scientists and professionals in the geospatial-technical and environmental science fields:

  • Support for students developing their career successfully through education and research
  • Support for members developing research, teaching and services
  • Promoting interactions between South-Korea and USA in geospatial technology and environmental science fields


The KAGES Bylaws was revised and approved by the KAGES Board Members on Friday, April 10, 2015 and the revised version is accessible in PDF format from the following link: KAGES Bylaws. The revised KAGES Bylaws will be discussed at the 2015 KAGES General Meeting on Thursday, April 23, 2015 for voting by KAGES members for the final approval.

If you have any questions regarding the revised KAGES Bylaws, please contact support@kages.org. Thank you.


KAGES was founded on 11/17/2008. The founding board members include:

Dr. Gi-Choul Ahn
Dr. Heejun Chang
Dr. Jinmu Choi
Dr. Jongnam Choi
Dr. Changjoo Kim
Dr. Yeong-Hyun Kim
Dr. Sun Yurp Park
Dr. Jeong Chang Seong

Past Presidents

1st President: Dr. Jeong C. Seong (2009-2010)
2nd President: Dr. Young-Hyun Kim (2010-2011)
3rd President: Dr. Jongnam Choi (2011-2012)
4th President: Dr. Changjoo Kim (2012-2013)
5th President: Dr. Heejun Chang (2013-2014)
6th President: Dr. Woonsup Choi (2014-2015)
7th President: Dr. Gi-Choul Ahn (2015-2016)
8th President: Dr. Hyowon Ban (2016-2017)


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