Membership Benefits

  • Participating KAGES activities
  • Opportunity for applying for awards
  • Opportunity for applying for research grants
  • Voting right
  • Electoral eligibility
  • Full access to Member Only Resources

Membership Types

  • Regular Member: Non-student professionals
  • Student Mamber: Graduate & undergraduate students in North America
  • Sponsor Member: Individual, corporate, or institutional sponsors
  • Honorary Member: Executive Board Members determine Honorary Members

Annual Membership Fees

  • Regular Member: $50
  • Student Member: $20
  • Sponsor Member
  • Diamond Sponsor Member: $1000+
  • Platinum Sponsor Member: $5000+ (?)

How to Join KAGES

  • Please fill the application form below and send it to:
    KAGES Membership Application (download the application)
  • Pay by Check or Money Order to following address:
    KAGES PO Box 198036
    Cincinnati, OH 45219
  • Or, pay by Paypal (Visa is preferable)
  • Once your payment is completed, PayPal Will send you a confirmation email.